Participatory Learning and Transliteracy

What is Participatory Culture?

Listen to and watch Henry Jenkins explore and explain participatory culture.

What is the Connection between Transliteracy and Particpatory Learning?

"Transliteracy is an umbrella term encompassing different literacies and multiple communication channels that require active participation with and across a range of platforms, and embracing both linear and non-linear messages" (Andretta, 2009).Buffy Hamilton explores the connection between transliteracy and participatory learning in her slideshare

How can you participate in this virtual professional development workshop on transliteracy?

Our intention is not just for you to consume information, but to create and share your learning. Please see below to learn how you can be an active participant throughout this online Professional Development opportunity.

1) Join the Conversation

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2) Contribute Your Ideas


Google Doc

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In what ways are you inviting participation and facilitating transliterate conversations for learning?